What is a Premium Membership?
Singletracks offers three types of premium membership that allow you to access additional content on the site. The Trail membership lets you view and use all available topo maps, plus use of the GPS activity tracker.  The Training membership lets you use our advanced ride log to track your rides and other activities.  The Pro membership gives you the benefits of both the Trail and Training memberships, including unlimited topo map access and the advanced ride log.

How do I become a Premium Member?
There are two ways to become a premium member. First, you can earn yourself a free 1-year pro membership by contributing 30 points. Click here to learn how the points are calculated. 

To get instant access to the topo maps, you can buy a premium membership here.

Did you say a free Pro membership? What’s the catch?
You can earn your way to a membership by adding content like mountain biking photos, reviews, and even maps, to Singletracks. Just rack up 30 points and we’ll reward you with a Pro membership for 1 year. To read more about the Singletracks Co-op, click here.

What trails do the topo maps cover?
We have topo maps for the region surrounding every trail that has a submitted GPS trailhead location. To see which trails have a GPS location associated with the trailhead, just look any pin on a Google map, or the directions bar on the trail page: 

Also, many trails have user-generated GPS maps overlaid on the topo maps, which we call "recommended routes." If a trail has at least one recommended route GPS track, it will have a green "View Topo Map" button beneath the main trail image:

Finally, on any search page, if there's a check mark on the right-hand side next to a trail name, that means it has a "recommended route" GPS overlay as well:

Can I print out the topo map to take on the trail?
Yes. When viewing a map on the website, click on the Print/Download PDF link at the upper left corner above the map. 

If I purchase a membership on the website, do I have to purchase the paid mobile apps as well?
No. If you purchase a yearly subscription (or earn one with the co-op), simply download the free Singletracks Mountain Bike App, log in with your email and password, and the map button on all of the trail pages will be unlocked for you.

How do I download a map to my GPS?
Check out this help document for detailed step-by-step instructions.

Why don’t you have more maps in my state?
All of our content is user-generated, so we rely on you, the users, to document your local trails. If there aren’t many trails that have been mapped in your home state, that’s probably because A) we don’t have many users from your state… yet. Or B) the users in your area don’t have a GPS-enabled device. 

If you notice that your local trails haven’t been mapped, please be sure to hit the trail, map them, and help the community grow! For more information on mapping and uploading trail data, check out this help document for help submitting your Strava data and this help document for help setting up your GPS unit.

How do I submit a GPS track?
Check out this help document for detailed step-by-step uploading instructions.

How do I renew my Premium membership?
You can renew your membership starting 30 days before your membership is set to expire. Follow the link in your account dashboard or click here.

Can I buy a membership to give to a friend?
Yes! You can purchase a gift certificate in any amount in the Singletracks store. The gift certificate can be redeemed for memberships, t-shirts, and printed topo maps.