Here on we’re always on the lookout for rockstar mountain bike writers and photographers to work with--and the next rockstar could be you!

If you’re interested in contributing an editorial article to, we’d love to entertain your submission. Send your article pitch to Singletracks Editor in Chief, Greg Heil, at

Your pitch should present a clear, engaging story idea--not just a general topic or direction. Bonus points for including a ready-to-publish title and thesis.

Article Guidelines

As you plan the type of article that you may want to pitch and subsequently write, here are a few things to think about:

  • Every article published on includes high-quality, engaging photography. You will need to provide engaging, on-topic photography with your article that you have the rights to use. Words alone are not enough for the internet.
  • How many people will find your story interesting and engaging? If only a small group of people will find your story interesting, it’s not a great fit for Singletracks. We’re in the business of reaching the millions, not the dozens. However, if your story does have broad appeal, your pitch is more likely to be accepted, and your article is more likely to be successful!
  • Have we written about this topic before? If we’ve covered this topic on Singletracks in the last two years, we don’t want to publish an article on that same topic. However, if there’s some way that you can provide a unique angle or spin on a common topic that we haven’t yet explored, that could still work. Be sure to run a search on Singletracks before submitting your pitch.


Q: Do you guys pay for stories?
A: Yes, we pay for non-promotional feature stories published on Singletracks, on a very prompt basis--no waiting months or years for your payment!

Q: Well… how much?
A: Average payment is $50 per article.

Q: Will I receive a byline?
A: Yes. The editor will help set up your byline info.

Q: Will you re-publish this article that I had published on a different website? Or can I re-publish the article I send to you on my own or another website?
A: In short? No. Everything that we publish on must be original and online-exclusive to Singletracks, meaning the article can't be published anywhere else online before or after. 

Q: Will you publish an article that has appeared in print but not online?
A: If you retain exclusive digital rights to an article that has been published in print (but not yet online) we can consider it for online publication. Once Singletracks publishes your work online, it cannot be published elsewhere online. See previous Q/A.

Q: Is there an opportunity to become a regular contributor to
A: Yes, for the right rockstar! But let’s start with one article first, and then go from there.

Q: I’m not interested in submitting an article, but I do want to submit a photo for Photo of the Day consideration. How do I do that?
A: You can submit photos for POD consideration on this page.