You’ll need PHP and MySQL on your web server to install Review App so be sure to check with your host to make sure you have both of those items available. We also recommend having access to PHPMyAdmin  or a similar database management script in case you need to access and/or troubleshoot your data tables directly.

To get started, first unzip the ra_install.tar.gz archive on your computer. Next, upload the files to a public directory on your web server using an FTP program. Assuming your want your Review App site to be located at, make sure you upload the files in the install directory to your root web directory and not the install directory itself. You can also place the files in a sub-directory on your domain ( if your prefer.

Once the files are in place, it's time to create your server config file.

Creating config.php

With the Review App files in place on your web server it’s time to configure the database settings. You’ll need to have a database already set up on your server before editing the config.php file so check with your host if you need help setting one up. We recommend starting with a fresh database to avoid any table name conflicts with the Review App software.

Open the /ra-content/config_sample.php file in a text editor and edit the following lines:

line 14: adminHost. Most users will keep this set to ‘localhost’.

line 15: Enter your MySQL database user name inside the double quotes (“”).

line 16: Enter your MySQL password inside the double quotes (“”).

line 17: Enter your MySQL database name inside the double quotes (“”).

line 18: Your domain name. Replace “” with your site address.

line 21: The URL to your Review App “homepage.”

That’s it! Save as a new file called config.php and place it in the /ra-content/ directory alongside config_sample.php.

Configure photo upload directory

If you plan on allowing photo uploads to your Review App site you’ll need to update the upload directory permissions on your web server. Use an FTP program, SSH, or your web host's web-based account manager to set the /ra-content/images/uploads/ directory permissions to 0777.

Run the install script

Point your web browser to The script will create the necessary data tables and upon success you’ll see this message:

Success! Proceed to the login page.

Click the link to go to your Review App admin page. Your initial login is ‘’ and your password is ‘newDR’ (case-sensitive). We recommend you change your login and password immediately before making any changes to your site (just click the “My Account” link in the top right corner of the admin dashboard).

If the installation is not successful you’ll see an error message letting you know where the process got hung up. The two most common problems at this point are:

1. Wrong database name/user name/password. Double-check and update config.php as necessary. Re-run the script.

2. Review App tables (or other tables with conflicting names) have already been installed. If you have existing data tables you may want to start with a fresh database to eliminate any conflicts. If you’ve already installed Review App (or partially installed it) and would like to start fresh, simply remove all the Review App tables from your database and run the install script again. NOTE: THIS WILL REMOVE ANY SETTINGS AND DATA YOU’VE SAVED PREVIOUSLY.