While the API itself is read-only, there are a couple ways anyone can submit data for inclusion in the service.

One item at a time

Depending on what type of item you're adding, these are the forms you can use. (note: a login may be required)

Bulk additions

Fill out the spreadsheet template linked at the end of this article to add multiple outdoor recreation locations. Email the template to support@trailapi.com and we'll have our data entry team get the locations posted. Starred fields are required; see below for tips on filling in the spreadsheet.

Park / Location Name * 

The name of the trail, campground, ski resort, or recreation area. Required.

Reference URL *

A link to information about this location, preferably an official source like a government website. We'll use this link to fact check submissions. Required. 

Country *

Example: United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom. Required.

State / Province *

Example: Georgia, British Columbia, New South Wales. Required.


The closest city or town to the outdoor recreation area. Optional.

Description *

A general description of the location or more specific if there is only a single activity here. Generally one paragraph is sufficient. Please do not copy/paste from another online source. Required.


Driving directions from a well known starting point. Optional.


Format: XX.XXXXX. Don't forget the sign (+/-). Optional.


Format: XX.XXXXX. Don't forget the sign (+/-). Optional.

Activities *

Comma-separated list of activities at this location. Choose from [mountain biking, hiking, camping, atv, horseback riding, snow sports, water sports, trail running, caving]. At least one activity is required for each row in your spreadsheet.